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non-powered motion platform engineered and designed by George “Doc” Holloway.
The Cloud-Flyer utilizes a combination of body weight and gravity to provide realistic sensations and feedback to enhance your flight simulator experience.
The Cloud-Flyer consists of a pitch frame and roll frame to generate movements making virtual flight simulation feel like flying a real airplane. The Cloud-Flyer is a very simple and effective tool for aviation enthusiasts to develop their flight skills at all experience levels.
The all metal construction of the Cloud-Flyer is both extremely durable and easy to maintain, and takes less than 20 square feet of your space. The Cloud-Flyer will provide you with endless amounts of fun and satisfaction in enhancing your flight simulator experience.
The Cloud-Flyer is VR compatible and when the two are utilized together, it makes for a truly remarkable and immersive experience. When the Cloud-Flyer is paired with VR, it adds depth of field making landings and close maneuvers easier and more realistic. The lines between reality and simulation are blurred, making for the most realistic flight experience you can have in the comfort of your own home.
The Cloud-Flyer is highly customizable with your personal preference in monitor size, flight controls, sound system, VR and computer setup. The Cloud-Flyer can support multiple displays, visual projection devices, surround sound stereo systems and more to truly create the most immersive flight experience possible. Technical support is available to assist you in determining what the most optimal set-up for your needs. With the Cloud-Flyer, the sky’s the limit.

Cloud-Flyer, the affordable motion enabled flight simulator cockpit

Build your dream flight simulator using the innovative Cloud-Flyer motion enabled system. The Cloud-Flyer system allows for the ultimate amount of freedom and customization. The motion enabled flight simulator platform is designed to be compatible with just about every type of monitor, computer and flight controller out in the market today. The Cloud-Flyer motion enabled flight simulator cockpit is the perfect addition for any flight simulation enthusiast who wants to take their simulator experience to the next level.
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Cloud-Flyer 2019 EAA Test Event
Flight Training Can Be A Lot Of Fun
When Motion Meets VR
Product Description List Price
Cloud-Flyer Motion Platform, unassembled, without seat
Assembly required. US$1,695.00/set Plus shipping
Pilot seat for Cloud-Flyer with adjustable slider
US$245.00/set Plus shipping
Cloud-Flyer Motion Platform - Shipped Assembled
Steel frame plus seat only
Weight: App. 200 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. assembled.
Width: 3 ft. assembled.
Length: 5 ft. assembled.
Painted in black color.
US$2,575.00/unit Plus shipping.
Cloud-Flyer Complete System
Cloud-Flyer Motion Platform plus
20” monitor
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthorg Stick and Throttle Set
Logitech Flight Rudder Pedals
CyberPowerPC Gaming Desktop
Speaker System
Software includes Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)
Some assembly required.
US$5,690.00 Plus shipping.
Extension cable Extension cable for Thrustmaster’s stick (3 ft.) US$9.00 Plus shipping.

1. Local sale tax applies for California customers.
2. Frame is made of steel with standard black paint.
3. Price list published on June 1, 2021.
4. Delivery schedule varies; please check the inventory and delivery date before ordering.
5. All warranties provided by product makers; please check with the manufacturer’s website for details.
6. Freight charges based on shipment size; the assembled system requires a larger size to ship.
7. All products are engineered and designed for personal indoor use.